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Spring tours


Spring time experiences: April-May

What is the weather like in spring, what to wear and what to expect from the sky, the earth and from us. This is a time of nature awakening, when the first flowers come out, the grass is starting to get green, the singing of birds gets loader, and it is  warm enough to be outside to enjoy the sun with a cup of coffee or tea. The temperature varies from 10 to 15 (°C) degrees, sometimes warmer. To feel comfortable you need to wear a waterproof jacket and waterproof hiking shoes, be ready for muddy roads and some gloomy skies, especially in April. Prior to your arrival contact us and we can provide more accurate information about weather and what to bring with you on your trip. 

 Here are things you can do if you visit us between April and May.


"The secret life of bees" workshop

This tour will enable you to witness the work done by the  most diligent and organised creatures in the world, the bees. Where the wizard and a golden medal winner beemaster will tell you all the secrets of the bee worlds. Here you will learn how many drones the queen bee needs to get pregnant, how many types of products bees produce, and how to discover if honey has a memory. Don't worry, there are special costumes for you to wear to be protected from beebites, and please let us know in advance if you have insect bite allergies. This tour also includes apitherapy beehive visit, where you can take a nap and clear your aura with vibrations made by the bees.





Hiking tour to Chatindari waterfall

 Chtindari waterfall is one of the places you will not want to miss while here. The forest hike takes you to the waterfall surrounded by high rocks from both sides. Chatindari means hard to pass, especially in spring time its waters are so wild that you cannot cross it over. This is a mountain ravine that turns into a waterfall due to the rocky and mountinuous relief of the forest. The tour includes also forest meditation, where you will hear the sounds of silence and charge with healing energy of the nature. The overall hike is around 6 kms, also possible to take with children 6 years and older.




Hiking tour to Aghjghala berd (Girl's castle)

This castle is one of the best preserved middle age era castles in Armenia located on a mountain hill. This allows to enjoy endless scineries of mountain ranges and forests. 




Gastro experience & Artisan food making-We offer also healthy and delicious food, you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner  with us. All the food is freshly made just for you, and most of the products are locally produced. You can also be a part of making artisan food and discover ancient food making culture that is passed from generation to generation. Spring is also a time when locals use in their diet forest superfood. These are wildgrown greens and herbs that become heavenly tasty dishes. You can participate at picking up of these superfood and learn how to make tasty dishes out of them.





The secret life of cows-visit a smart farm and learn how to ensure happy and healthy cowhood, produce ethical milk and meat. The experienced farmer will tell you the story of farming evolution in the area including stories of pre-soviet, soviet era and post-soviet times. Here you will have a chance also to participate in cow milking experience. If you are a milk lover you can get your fresh and biological milk with your own hands and see how real, "out of box" milk tastes. 





Village tour-travel in a time machine-discover the culture of village people, how they lived around 100 years ago and now, what food they ate, how they organized their day, what furniture and home design they had, what traditions they inherited from their ancestors and hear their untold stories. Village people also will share their wosdom and philosophy of living a life in harmony with the nature.




Hiking tour to Tutl's mountain apple tree orchard

In this tour you will see one of the highest located apple tree orchards in Armenia, surrounded with 360 degrees magnificent mountain views. Here you will discover how to plant an apple tree orchard at an altitude of 1800 meters, how to mix the strong roots with  fruitful type of trunks and hear a success story of one of the families whose work became an inspiration for many village people to rethink their methods in agriculture. 



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