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“My Agrisummer” International Summer Camp

About the camp

Summer is that time of the year when you want your children to spend a quality fun time, where they can enjoy their holidays and have new opportunities to develop their better selves.

“My Agrisummer” international summer camp is unique in its kind in Armenia to offer nature-based, agriculture-based activities for children. The camp provides outdoor and indoor experiential learning opportunities in fun and engaging ways, where children develop new set of knowledge and skills on agriculture, care for the nature and each other and many more. “My Agrisummer” camp is a place where children have the opportunity to have real life experiences, free from any kind of technology. We base our programs on research that has proven the benefits of such experiences.

Some facts

Recent research on outdoor nature education shows that environmental diversity is linked with our immune system, children that grow up on farms have less asthma, and less allergies as they are in contact with variety of microorganisms from plants and animals; plant diversity improves children’s skin microbiom, prolonged stay outdoors supports eye health, gardening supports the preference of children for fruits and vegetables. Being in nature improves attention functioning, academic performance, and ensures relaxation. The camp provides “out of comfort zone” experiences, which enhances children’s creativity, gives drive to learn new things, helps to be more productive, most importantly children become more adoptable to changes.

Who can participate?

The call is open for all children who are between 10-17 years. 


Children's security and well-being

To confirm child's participation doctor's certificate certifying child's health must be presented. During the camp, children's health is monitored and preventive measures are taken to ensure safety of the children.

We work only with small groups comprising of 12 children maximum. For us is of high priority to follow and address each child's feelings and learning path,  to make sure that every child  is enjoying his/her experience with us. We have 2 group moderators, who are also the establishers of this program, 3 camp counselors who are working with children and guide them throughout the whole program. Children stay with host families which allows them to get more authentic experience. In each host family all family members are involved to make their host child's experience the best possible one. Child/adult ratio is of 1/2,4. Children are always guided by adults, day and night. Host families are well quipped houses, where children stay in 2-4 bed rooms. We provide 5 times healthy food, that is breakfast, lunch, dinner, also 2 snack breaks in between main courses.

Our staff speaks Armenian, English, Russian, we also accommodate children's home language by inviting staff members who speak child's native language.


When to sign up?

Individual registration is already open for the second cohort of Summer 2020. Please note that places are limited! 


We also accept group registrations from organisations/schools. If  you are one and would like to bring a group to our camp, please contact us, as different dates and conditions apply for group registrations.



Camp fees total per child per week is 225.000 AMD, which includes accommodation, workshops, trips, 5 times healthy food, transportation from Yerevan to the camp and back. Airport pick up can be organized at an extra charge.

Your place will be secured after completion of full payment.


Sibling Discount

We offer sibling discounts; for the second participant child we offer 10% discount, for the third and more participant child it is 20% discount.

By your child’s participation in “My Agrisummer” camp you will invest in the development of Armenian rural communities. 


Children will live in host families with locals. Children will stay in shared rooms, comprising from 2-4 children. Most of host families are well-established B&Bs.

About location

“My Agrisummer” international summer camp is located in village Martuni, Chambarak community, situated in the eastern part of Armenia which is in between lake Sevan and Dilijan. It is an ecologically clear area, where fresh and clean air, green forests, high mountains and crystal clear waters are among the main privileges. It is a unique place every parent needs to bring his/her child at least once in a life-time.

The village is situated 2 hours drive from the capital city Yerevan (130km).

Community engagement- “It takes a village”!

“My Agrisummer” camp is fully based and relies on the community people and resources. Community people are sharing their homes, sharing their practices in farming and agriculture by teaching children how to make homemade cheese that has thousands years of history, bread or butter using old techniques inherited from generation to generation and many more hidden and forgotten practices. Community people are offering their tables with ecologically clear products made in the village, sharing their stories, their love and care. Community youth and children have active participation being as mentors for camp children, being engaged in various activities making the camp better place for their camping friends.

Satenik Khachatryan
Founder of “My Agrisummer” International Summer Camp

Born and raised in village Martuni, Satenik moved to the capital city Yerevan in searches of realization of her dreams. Since her school years she knew she was going to be a change in her community. Being a strong beliver in the power of education she persued her academic career in 4 Universities in Europe researching the practices in education and child rearing in Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Malta. Satenik persued  her career in the field of education and community development. Her constant searches of the solutions for community development and provision of best possible opportunities for the children using recent approaches and tendencies in education brought her in establishment of this program. “I want to offer the best to the children and make my community a better place putting in the core of my work care for people and the Nature. I believe that by creating such programs I will add more value in the lives of children helping them to find their own path of happiness like I did for myself. I hope that more and more people will start to value the benefits of the village life and will get closer to the nature and to their genuine self”: says Satenik Khachatryan.





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